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summer internship 2019

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I applied for a summer 2019 internship in October and had a recruiter call me in November to give me tips on improving my resume and inform me that the recruiting process would start taking place in January. On January 7th I recieved an email saying that a recruiter would contact me soon letting me know next steps and what to expect. I have not been contacted since. I noticed recently the recruiter I had been in touch with no longer works for Southwest. I checked the application status and all it says is recieved/submitted, does that mean my application is still being considered? Is there another recruiter I should be in contact with or can reach out to concerning my application?


Re: summer internship 2019

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Received/submitted means they have your application and they are still in the process of going though all the applications and you are still in the running for the internship. 


Southwest receives a bunch of applications and it will take some time to get through the process so hang in there. 


Good Luck!


Re: summer internship 2019

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Are there any updates about spring/summer internships in 2021? How can I be sure the application period starts in September? Perhaps high school students could get an email notification about certain internsip positions. I'm interested in Aviation Meteorology.