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1 stop no plane change

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I will be traveling on a flight that stops but I do not change planes. Can I get off to maybe use the restrroom or get a snack before the other people board.


Re: 1 stop no plane change

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It depends on how long the layover is. Typically through passengers (those continuing on) are asked to remain seated at the end of the flight so flight attendants can count them. Then they start boarding the next flight as soon as the first flight's passengers get off and the throughs are counted. In this situation you would not be able to deplane. If the layover is longer then you should be able to get off briefly.

The one bonus of staying on the plane is you can have your choice of seats for the second leg. 

Re: 1 stop no plane change

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Very unlikely you can de-plane on a continuing flight (usually a 'short-turn')


be sure you get a boarding pass before stepping off! !!!


I dislike continuing flights and NEVER check luggage, as it will often get taken off the plane during stop-over and you will arrive with no checked bags.  Of thousands of flights in 40 yrs, I have only lost bags on SWA due to 'continuing flight'.  SWA record stands at near 100%! for 'misplacing' bags on my continuation flights.   They usually show up in a few days, and I am LONG gone, and never stay near an airport when at a destination (Usually several hours away in the mtns or such. / no cell / no Fed-Ex / no delivery of bags).  The credits are usually $100 if you don't mind being without your coats and boots while in the mtns. 

Re: 1 stop no plane change

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Sorry to hear that @nutsoverSWA you have had a bad run in the luggage department.


The gate agent won't re-issue a boarding pass, but they will probably check your identification if you are allowed to deplane.


You can get up and use the plane restroom during the break after the through passengers are counted. And I'd encourage you to bring a snack from the origination airport for later.

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