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14 year old traveling alone

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I want to be sure before I book that my 14 year old can travel alone without an escort taking him to the gate...Also does he need some sort of id (a birth certificate)...he will be checking in on his own...


Re: 14 year old traveling alone

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Traveling alone can be an exciting test of a minor’s independence; but whether it is appropriate depends on each minor’s individual maturity level. By purchasing this reservation, you acknowledge and confirm that:


  • Southwest considers children ages 12 through 17 traveling alone to be Young Travelers, not Unaccompanied Minors. Accordingly, Southwest’s Unaccompanied Minor procedures do not apply to ages 12 through 17.
  • Parents and guardians are responsible for ensuring a Young Traveler arrives for checkin and boarding in accordance with each airport’s suggested arrival time. The amount of time to park, check luggage, pass through the security checkpoint, and board the flight varies based on each airport’s size, configuration, and travel season.
  • Your child has sufficient maturity and capability to travel alone (this includes, but is not limited to, checking in, passing through the security checkpoint, boarding, deplaning, and claiming luggage), without adult supervision or assistance from Southwest Employees, on all scheduled service: nonstop, same-plane service with intermediate stops, and connecting service that requires your child to change planes.
  • Purchaser represents that he/she is either the parent or guardian of the minor child or has authority to act on behalf of the parent or guardian.
  • Parents/guardians wishing to escort a Young Traveler to/from the gate must obtain a Non-Passenger Escort (NPE) from the ticket counter in order to pass through the security checkpoint. Each airport may impose restrictions on NPEs being issued based on guidance from the local Transportation Security Administration directives.
  • Southwest does not monitor Young Travelers during travel. Accordingly, each Young Traveler must have sufficient maturity and capability to request assistance from a Southwest Employee if needed and the means to contact a parent/guardian if there is a travel disruption.
  • Southwest Airlines reserves the right not to allow travel on flights that may be delayed, diverted, or cancelled due to weather or other operational disruptions.
  • Southwest Airlines does not provide Young Traveler service to/from international destinations.

Re: 14 year old traveling alone

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Can I travel from the Jamaica to the U.S. alone I am 17 years old?

Re: 14 year old traveling alone

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@Susayalevy wrote:

Can I travel from the Jamaica to the U.S. alone I am 17 years old?

I'm not sure about other airlines, but Southwest's website says 18 and older to fly solo.



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