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2 Carseats, Wagon & Stroller

Explorer C

I will be traveling in June 2017 with my husband and our two children ages 3 and 5. But, during this trip I will be on crutches, so my husband is going to be the main one in charge of getting our 2 carseats, stroller, our two children and their suitcase, and our carry on suitcase to the gate.


So, my question is, will southwest let me check a stroller and a wagon at the gate for no charge? 


Thank you so much for taking the time to read and responsed to my post.


Re: 2 Carseats, Wagon & Stroller

Aviator A

I think we covered on another thread, but yes you should be okay.


Some additional clarification - you'll need to check with the gate agent to secure the gate check tags for the items.


Your largest difficulty may be carrying three gate check items down the jetway along with your carry-on. You may want to make some friends in the family boarding line.


If you buy the blue Southwest gate check bags maybe you can get both car seats into one container?

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