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2 Infant car seats in one row

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My wife and I would like to fly with our twin infants but am concerned with what would be the best seating arrangement on the plane. We plan to purchase seats for our infants and bring their car seats onboard as the flight time would be 5 hours to our destination. We'd prefer to all be together in one row across. Is it possible to have in one row the following: car seat (window), adult (middle), car seat (aisle), adult (aisle). Or does anyone have any suggestions on the best seating arrangement for 2 car seats with 2 adults on a long flight? Thanks! 


Re: 2 Infant car seats in one row

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Hi @mikeandpam!


This is a great question. For starters, I think it's a great decision to bring the seats on the plane with you. It's easier to manage, plus it's a familiar place to them, not to mention the safety benefits. 


Next, you will have to place the car seats in the window, as per Federal Aviation Regulations the seats cannot block the access to the center aisle. So you won't be able to place seats as you suggested. 


I would suggest that you seat yourselves "two and two" one in front of the other. This way you will be able to put the babies in the windows and you and your spouse can still see and talk to one another, reasonably. 


A few things I'd also mention are that if the flight isn't full, there's a possibility that you can each keep the middle seat open and still have the row to yourselves. You probably won't know that until Boarding occurs. 


Next, keep in mind that most infant seats these days have a base for ease of use, but they aren't required. Check the Owners Manual on your seats; you may be able to leave the bases at home. One (two) less thing to carry!


Finally, if you don't get an A Group boarding pass, your family qualifies (children 6 and under) for Family Boarding, which occurs just after A Group boards. 


Best of luck in your travels, and come back to The Community with any questions!




P.S. You might also call to ask about Infant fares for your flight. Sometimes they aren't priced better, but sometimes they are. You have to call to get them, they're not available online. 

Re: 2 Infant car seats in one row

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FYI: Infant Fares are a discount off of the refundable Anytime fare, and as such are usually much more expensive than the online Wanna Get Away fare.