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24-hour flight cancelation for changed flights?

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How does the 24-hour period work for changed flights?


Scenario: I had booked cheap tickets a long time ago to a meeting. Client then requested a site visit on the opposite coast for the same dates. I delayed, delayed, and suggested alternates to no avail. 


This morning I changed the flight to CLT for one to PDX. 


2 p.m. this afternoon the client called and wants to reschedule their visit to June. Does the 24-hour cancelation apply in a case like this, would that flight revert back to the one I had previously booked, or do I need to re-change it back to the original flight.


EDIT: after talking myself through it, I canceled the flight, was issued the "new" $100 back as refund, then used the flight credit from the prior booking and paid the extra $22 that the fare had increased since I first purchased it.


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