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2nd driver charge

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Is there a charge for having a 2nd driver on a rental agreement?


Re: 2nd driver charge

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@dpk wrote:

Is there a charge for having a 2nd driver on a rental agreement?

I guess referring to rental cars - it depends. Some companies will waive the fee under certain circumstances, and spouses are automatically free by law in certain states such as Florida.


I often use Costco to book rental cars and they include a second driver for free.


They also may throw it in for status, but based on your question you may not rent cars often.


Lastly you can ask for it at the counter to be thrown in, the agent may offer it to you especially if the other driver is only as a backup to yourself.



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Re: 2nd driver charge

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This would depend on which company you rent from. 


Some rental companies include a 2nd driver if your apart of there frequent rental program while others it’s $10 a day it varies from company to company as well as state Tom state. 


I recommend you reach out to the car company your interested in renting from and ask them directly. 


Some states may allow a 2nd driver for free as well. 



Re: 2nd driver charge

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My experience is that spouses are included under the rental agreement in most states.  Same for employees of same company for rentals related to business purposes.  Additional driver charges are also tricky.  Remember at $10 per day per additional driver, a one week rental would add $70 plus tax.  Always inquire before you arrive to avoid surprises.