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At the risk of coming off as that entitled traveler I actually resent on other airlines, I have a question and an observation. Today I am flying for business to ONT thru PHX from SAT and arrive at the airport to find my flight delayed enough that my business dinner would be delayed at best.  I love the fact that WN has decided to offer the perk of same day changes and arranged to get there thru another connection.   I gave up my almost routine A15 boarding pass for a C group, I understand why and again thankful that WN has added the AList boarding to the perks.  I wait patiently for all the As to board and the gate agent, which happens frequently I might add, calls for family boarding instead of Alist.   I make eye contact and ask "A List?" To which I am greeted with a very quick and very non polite "I'll get to you" and he proceeds to board the 20+ passengers ahead of me.  


My question is "shouldn't Alist Preferred get to board before Families?   After all, I choose to fly WN and spend $30 to $40 thousand dollars a year to make that choice.  My small company then spends 10 times that with my co workers.  I doubt those families fly more than a couple of times a year which is what I do in a week.  Sorry that entitled thing is coming out and I dislike even sounding that way but it is what it is.   


My observation is the gate agent was likely having a bad morning.   Weekend travelers and those that can't understand A comes before C after the ninth time you have said it would frustrate me too.  But venting that frustration is not an option when dealing with customers.  Sorry, it just isn't and making me feel like I asked for preferential treatment when all I expect is to have you follow your own processs is risking my continued loyalty in an industry that I have heard repeated on most WN flights "we know you have many choices when you travel".  


I appreciate dealing with customers isn't easy and frankly not for everyone but please don't let your culture degrade to the level that losing any customer is ok.   Let your competitors allow their staff to take for granted the choices we have when we choose to spend our travel dollars.   


In contradiction to the popular saying "the customer is always right" let me offer this.  The customer is NOT always right, but he IS STILL  the customer.  I like doing business with you but I don't NEED to.   Don't give me a reason to "like" someone else.  


Thanks for allowing me to vent.