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A-List Travelers

Explorer A

Looking at booking a fight during the current fare sale from BWI-PHX. I'm A-List and my wife is my companion, so no issues there. My son will be traveling with us. He has travel funds but they're tied to his Rapid Rewards account from a cancelled flight due to covid. Is there any way to book him on my reservation (so he gets my A-list benefits) and still use his travel funds? Would booking on the phone vs on line be the answer?


Its not the end of the world if I can't. Hope to be flying regularly in 2021 when we finally kick covid's ass so I'm sure we'll have future opportunities to use his funds.




Re: A-List Travelers

Aviator A

If you are booking with a credit card for you then YES you can book both you and your son on the same reservation it can be done on the app or website or by phone (whichever you prefer) all you would need is your sons confirmation number where the travel funds are being held and on the payment screen you should see a place to apply travel funds, luv vouchers, or gift cards you would then enter the information (conf# and his first/last name or if its a voucher enter the voucher number and security code) once you hit apply you can proceed with the payment for your ticket then add the companion as you usually do.