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Explorer C

Incident One: I board the aircraft and take the aisle seat of the second row on the left side of the aircraft. I place my handbag under the seat in front of me, buckle my seatbelt, and start reading my book.


A few minutes pass when another passenger approaches me and asks if the seat next to me is taken. I look at this passenger who has her mask placed under her chin, exposing her mouth and nose and I reply, “Please ma’am, the flight is not at all full and there are plenty of other seats.” The woman replies, “never mind” and walks down the aisle. I don’t want to confront the woman for not wearing her mask properly, and I certainly don’t want to sit in the same row with her. 


Suddenly Flight Attendant Bradi steps into the bulkhead seat area in front of me and leans over the seat. She yells in a voice loud enough for everyone to hear, “IF THAT WOMAN DESIRES TO SIT IN THAT SEAT SHE HAS EVERY RIGHT TO DO SO!”


I respond to the flight attendant by stating that “certainly the woman is welcome to sit where ever she pleases and I will be happy to move. There are plenty of available seats.” (This flight was not sold out or even half full). Rude flight attendants probably keep customers away.


For what seemed like an eternity, Bradi stood there in the Bulkhead glaring at me as other passengers boarded the plane without acknowledgment.


Is it not the specific job of crew members to make sure that passengers are SAFE? Isn’t it the job of crewmembers to make sure passengers comply with ALL regulations which include wearing a face mask that covers both the nose and mouth? Are Southwest passengers required to sit next to other passengers who don’t wear a mask?


I am not the mask police and it is not my job to tell another passenger to put her mask over her mouth and nose. That is the job of the crewmembers.


Incident Two: After the flight takes off and we are at cruising altitude, Flight Attendant Brandi makes an announcement over the PA system. After the usual generalities she remarks  “ . . .  the crew will be serving passengers plain water and stale snacks.”


If I were a corporate shareholder with Southwest Airlines and an employee had made a disparaging reference to the light refreshment that was going to be served, I would be very upset. This flight attendant’s unprofessional conduct and remark do not represent the brand image of Southwest Airlines (well perhaps it does on second thought). It also bespeaks of this flight attendant’s level of disrespect she has for her employer.


Incident Three: When it was time to serve the onboard plain water and stale snack (per the flight attendant’s description) Brandi came alongside my seat and asked if I wanted any water. I shook my head no. Again, in a loud voice, she yells at me, “IS IT NO OR NO THANKS?!?!” in front of all the other passengers. 


Incident Four: As we touched down in Fort Myers, again Flight Attendant Brandi comes over the aircraft’s PA system with the usual announcements. She states over the PA for everyone to hear, “It was a pleasure serving SOME of you, but not all,” and again, she glares at me.


Incident Five: Thankfully the flight was only an hour and a half and I knew I was finally going to be able to get off the plane and away from this wicked flight attendant’s blatant rudeness, her bullying, and harassment. As I exited the aircraft she heckles at me “GOODBYE DARLIN” as sarcastically as she could.


No passenger should ever feel unsafe, disrespected, purposely harassed, and verbally abused by a flight attendant! 


NEVER AGAIN will I book a flight on Southwest Airlines!



Aviator A

Sorry to hear the flight attendant made you feel unsafe or uncomfortable on your recent flight. because this is primarily a customer to customer forum I would share your feedback with southwest directly though one of these contact methods Submitting a Suggestion and/or Complaint this way southwest can pass on the feedback to the appropriate people for review and training. 


With the stale snacks comment some flight attendants try to have fun and sometimes try to make jokes I’m sorry if that came off bad to you. 




Aviator C

Yes,  while I'd been inclined to accept and appreciate your complaints as legitimate,  the fact that you didn't appreciate the humor that is part of the SW business model makes me wonder if you're being overly sensitive to the entire experience. 


 The goal here isn't to treat you like royalty.   You're flying coach on a budget airline... with cheap snacks and water.   Maybe Brandi's brand was a bit too dry for you? 


Again,  I'm sorry for your negative experience,  but I assure you regular Joe's like me appreciate the SW model and I've never had a bad time on a flight.   The worst SW employees are the same as the regular boring people on those other planes.   But the other 80% are much more fun than any of them.