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ADA violation

New Arrival

I'm appalled at how my dad requested assistance at the gate as instructed By Southwest when initially asked during the flight purchase and was denied. He even had a note from the doctor which they refused to look at and the handicap placard and needed help from my husband to board with his carryons. Very inconsiderate staff and how dare they judge a person by their physical appearance even though my dad and husband were at the gate before any of the employees were there to see. I think it is very discriminating what they did and how they made my dad feel. Shame on you southwest and I am filing a grievance for the ignorance. They weren't asking to be first but nonetheless should have been able to board in between the a and b groups when families board.


Re: ADA violation

Rising Star

I am another Southwest customer and recommend that folks get in touch directly with Southwest for any issues as the forum is here primarily for customer-to-customer interaction.  Click the "Contact Us" link at the bottom of the forum pages for the direct Southwest contact information, to include their Twitter handle.

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