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Access to Electrical Outlets for Emergency

Explorer C

Was very concerned on  recent flight back from Florida. As an asthmatic, I am always concerned when there are animals ,which I am allergic to, on the plane. Seeing a number in line as we boarded, I asked the flight attendent if there was a place I could use a nebulizer if it became neccessary and was told there was no access to AC on Southwest planes. Is this true? This is concerning and makes me question my upcoming trip on Southwest.   Thanks!


Re: Access to Electrical Outlets for Emergency

Aviator A

There is no seat back power on Southwest's planes. I don't recall whether or not there is power in the lavatories. Maybe someone else can chime in about that. If not, I'll check the lavs when I get on my flight tomorrow.


If you make the request, the airline will attempt to find you a seat as far from animals as possible - thus making the likelyhood you'll need to use a nebulzer a bit less.



Re: Access to Electrical Outlets for Emergency

Aviator A

By far your best option would be to have a battery-powered unit. 


I haven't heard of any customer-accessible outlets in the lavatories @dfwskier but perhaps it is like riding the CTA, if you know where to look there might be one.


Prevention is probably the best option - let the FA know your issue when boarding so that they can help you be re-seated if necessary. 


Then having your own power will be the next line of defense.


Maybe third, if you find yourself in the gate area with a bunch of pets ask to be re-accomodated on a later flight. Certain routes and/or times are more likely as well - I know that I can go many trips without seeing any, but then a flight will have several.


I've only ever heard of outlets in the galley areas. 



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