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Agent Michael Garcia

Explorer C

This is a very stressful time with issues of weather,  airlines canceling and the amount of people traveling on stand by. 


My work is 100% travel this means I am usually on a plane the majority of my day. 


I was canceled back to back and today 7.12.19 the flight 803 to Denver and final destination PHX got deleyed. My partner and I were supposed to be home at 10pm after being awake for almost 29 hours on our shifts.  

I have a family meeting tomorrow that require taking another flight. If this flights were canceled I wouldn't make it by tomorrow. 


Michael Garcias with number 129478 helped us with his great customer service and made us pre board to avoid missing our flight. Talking about great customer service!


Anyways. I like to take this small session and be grateful for the great people I meet and for my luck he works in southwest!


The other people that asked me to add them in this positive note and be grateful with me are
Margaret la bate and Juan Jimenez. 




Re: Agent Michael Garcia

Aviator A

Great story. Thanks for sharing.


If you really want to insure that Michael gets just deserved recognition, you might want to e-mail the company with the details of what you shared here. To do so, click on "contact us" at the bottom of this page, and then select e-mail from the choices listed on the top left of the ensuing page.


You said you fly a lot. Do you fly SW enough to get A-List status? Ifso, don't forget that the airline provides you with "Kicking Tail" coupons which you can give to SW employees who deserve recognition for doing a great job. SW employees love to receive them.