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Re: Alcohol on flights

Aviator A

Speaking of alcohol, have we heard any official news on when/if Southwest will accept expired drink coupons, and if so, what expiration dates they may accept going forward? For example, anything from March 2020 on ... ?



Re: Alcohol on flights

Explorer C

Very disappointed alcohol service has not resumed. 


I fly back and forth between Nashville and Orange County or San Diego almost weekly.  As of late, the flights have been completely full.  My thought is.... if you have a full flight, you should offer full service. 

Re: Alcohol on flights

Aviator C

I'm ok with no alcohol on the plane so far.  My wife and I actually have civil conversations on our flights now.  😄  And even she has learned to wait until we land and have a nice beverage at one of the local brews at the places that sell beer. 


Re: Alcohol on flights

Explorer C

We are currently on a SW flight and the flight attendant stated she thought June would be when SW begins serving alcohol again. My husband have done the airplane bottles with a drink from a restaurant and that worked just fine if you're desperate. Don't act drunk and don't be obvious because it is not approved of at this time.

Re: Alcohol on flights

Adventurer A
FAA alcohol and flying
(a) No person may drink any alcoholic beverage aboard an aircraft unless the certificate holder operating the aircraft has served that beverage to him. ... (c) No certificate holder may allow any person to board any of its aircraft if that person appears to be intoxicated.