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All flights Sold out

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I was anxiously waiting for 2/15 to book flights to MCO fromPHL for our vacation in August.  When I got on the site, most were already sold out.  Are new flights added once this happens?  We are so disappointed.  Looking at 8/12/18 with return 8/19/18.


Re: All flights Sold out

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There are 12 flights a day to your destination on 8/12-8/19.  The flights are not sold out, the Wan Get Away fare is not available at this time.  In my experience over the next few months and through to August, the Wana Get Away prices will open up, this is because they want to fill the empty seats.  

My advise is to check for price drops every few days up to your departure date.  You can always change your flight for free if the price drops. 


Good Luck. 

Re: All flights Sold out

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Good advice to keep checking on fares to see if wanna get away open up.