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All travel funds not e tended

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On Sept 25, 2019, I purchased a ticket to fly to San Juan from BWI for a cruise. The return was April 5. The cost was $550. My family members decided to return on April 6. I went on line and changed my reservation. The price was $102.00 less and I was given travel funds on September 26. On February 28h, I noticed a price drop and contacted SW. I was given $70.40 travel funds. My cruise was cancelled in March and I cancelled my flight in March and was given $383 in travel funds. My travel funds now total $550.40With the new change, I would have thought my travel funds would be extended to June 2021. No so. The only funds extended are $383. The other $172.40 expires on September 25. Since I am unable to book the cruise u til next year and in the highest possibility for the virus, I will now lose the $172 . I will be booking the same flight for a cruise next year and will now have to pay more for it. SW had use of my $550 for 6  months. They did not give me money back and now don’t want to give me my credits.


Re: All travel funds not e tended

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If you cancelled your flight after March 1, the travel funds should have an expiration date of June 30, 2021 - this change is not automatic in the system and it may take a little while for your funds to reflect the new expiration.