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Appalling customer service - baggage claim

Rising Star

@sandybeachs1981 To each their own, but you said you were told, (however it was, polite, rude, aggressive) in my mind that is irrelevant, I (and I hope the majority of people) would have turned around and taken it back and been on the phone with SWA what had "honest mistake" happened, and about when you ETA would be, no matter what time of the night it was.  


Segway into your comment, SWA didn't take into consideration......well maybe you weren't either by not wanting to get the valuables and maybe needed content of the person's bag you mistakenly took. (Meds, extra money, etc.)  You then were appalled by being asked to return them.  (I'm not going to address at all the demeanor of how anyone addressed each other)  Also, maybe that is the protocol, if someone doesn't want to return somebody else property immediately, the police are called.  


I can only bet you are honest at heart, but you wanted a more favorable solution to your benefit that didn't happen.  I can't say your post has gone for not, I will forever going forward double-take the name on the bag before I pick it up...oh, and which is why I have the most outrageous bag already that there really isn't another like it.