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Applying more than 2 travel funds when booking online

Explorer C

I've booked multiple flights and prior to departure, the price of the flight has gone down. I now have multiple travel funds and when I book a new flight, I'm only allowed to use 2 travel funds per booking. I feel you should be allowed to apply as many as you want. Does anybody know a way to apply more than 2? Call a Southwest reservations representative and book a flight that way?


Re: Applying more than 2 travel funds when booking online

Aviator A

Southwest allows up to three forms of payment for any ticket. Thus if three travel funds have enough available cash to make a purchase, you will be allowed to do so.


IF you have a bunch of small value travel funds, use two every time you buy a new ticket 

Re: Applying more than 2 travel funds when booking online

Aviator A

One thing you could do is book dummy tickets then cancel them right after you book. Here's how this works:


Let's say you have 10 travel funds at $15 a piece you can do 3 funds per reservation if the funds cover the cost of a flight completely otherwise you can only use 2 funds and a credit card. So for this example you would go find a flight that is $45 or just under apply travel funds and book you then cancel and your travel funds will go from 2 or 3 to 1 under the new confirmation number you could then repeat the process with other confirmation numbers until you get a better value instead of only being able to apply 2 small credits.


***One thing to keep in mind if doing the combining of travel funds with this method your funds will expire at the earliest expiration date of the 2 or 3 funds you applied example: if 2 funds expire October 1st 2021 and 1 expires March 2nd 2021 all funds would then expire March 2nd once combined. 


Option 2 is if your flying round trip book as one way flights that way you can use 2 credits each way. 


Option 3 if you plan to travel just keep using them little by little 2 credits per trip unless a 3rd credit covers the full cost of the reservation. 



Re: Applying more than 2 travel funds when booking online

Aviator A

Adding to what Blake said there is one caution.


When combining TFs to buy a new ticket, if that ticket is then canceled, then the resultant expiration date would be the same as the travel fund used to buy the ticket that expires soonest.


The moral of the story is don't combine travel funds that expire a long time from now with those that expires in a short time.