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Assistance from gate to shuttle at destination

Explorer C

My 91-year-old mom is traveling alone to SAC this week. She's in good health for her age, but requires help with her carryon bag and someone to push her transport wheelchair from curb to gate.


I'll be helping her with departure, but I'm anxious because she doesn't have anyone meeting her on arrival. She needs to get to an airport shuttle that will take her to her hotel in SAC. She won't have any checked baggage, and I understand that SWA attendants will help her deplane with her wheelchair once she lands, but I'm not quite clear what happens after that. Will SWA attendants help her get onto the right shuttle with her carryon bag, or will she need to contact an airport employee to do that?


Thanks for your help!



Re: Assistance from gate to shuttle at destination

Frequent Flyer C
Hi TKarp!

I hope if your mom has flown already that you guys were able to figure this all out.

If you haven't flown already, I'm going to try to answer your question here and hopefully it will help you!

I think you are saying you mom is flying to Sacramento? This information should be similar for any airport, nonetheless. Your mom can get free wheelchair assistance from the plane to curbside. You can ask at the ticket counter for Skycap assistance and they'll help at your home airport, as well as when you land.

You can find more information here at the Sacramento airport website: (Scroll all the way to the bottom, and click on the Wheelchair menu.)

It sounds like your mom should probably consider preboarding the aircraft, as well. Here is some information from the Southwest website about preboarding:

"Prior to general boarding, preboarding is available for Customers who have specific seating needs to accommodate a disability, and/or need assistance in boarding the aircraft, and/or need to stow an assistive device."

Best of luck to you both, and I hope she has a wonderful trip!