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Assistive Device

Explorer C

What do I need to know about traveling with my assistive device?


Re: Assistive Device

Explorer A

Everything you need to know can be found right here:

So many details! Thanks for flying with us 🙂

Re: Assistive Device

Explorer C

I have a walker and need wheelchair help

Re: Assistive Device

Aviator B

Upon arrival at the airport, please inform a Southwest Airlines Agent or Skycap at your first point of contact, either at the Skycap podium or the ticket counter, if you need an airport wheelchair and/or assistance within the airport.

Re: Assistive Device

Retired Community Manager

 Hi Emily, 


If you are comfortable sharing what kind of assistive device you'll be using, the Community may have some great answers and examples of traveling with something similar!


Thanks for such a great question!


Community Moderator

Re: Assistive Device

Explorer C

Hi! I just responded to the thread "assistant devices" and wondered if you had any suggestions, as an employee? My name is OnceandAgain. I'm sorry, I should have "replied" to you directly.

Thank you, if you can help!


Elizabeth (Beth)

Re: Assistive Device

Explorer C


I have an additional question, hopefully someone will respond. I'm travleing out of state to go pick up the service animal that has been being trained for me the last year. So, obviously, I will have him on the way back, but not when I depart.

My primary concern though, is that I currently use a rollator (walker with seat) to get around (with great difficulty!) and am not sure how I will do things like get myself and my luggage from the baggage claim to the car rental place when I arrive at my destination?? Can I ask for assistance for something like this? I'm actually needing a wheelchair more than a walker right now anyway, it's more of a financial and practical thing, so I really don't have any free hands. How do I manage to get around? Thank you.