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Assistive Device

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I have renal failure and I am on home dialysis, which measn I have to have my machine and use it every day in order to stay alive. I was travelling on 3/22/2017 from BWI to FLL  flight 1797 and carry my device to the plane. The flight attendant told me that she cannnot accomodate my device, because it too big. I was trying to expailn to her that my life depend on it, but she does not listen. She asked somebody and another person told me that I have to check it in. I wanted to see my grandkids and I agreed. It was mistake, I have back my device with some damage. Obviously flight attendant and gentelmen do not know rules that they supposed to accomodate my life sustaining device. On way back flight 4968 flight attendant allow me to bring my device with me and everything was fine. I have noticed that quit of few people who supposed to help dod not know rules about carrying lifesustaining devices. The lady in FLL who supposed to help me with check it in, told me that Southwest is not responsible for damage my device, and did not suggest that I can take it to airplane. I did not expect to fight with Southwest why flying ro see my grandkids, but looks lik I should be. This trip was very unpleasant.


Re: Assistive Device

Retired Community Manager

Hi @nvaslav48


We don't like letting you down, and it sounds like this situation should have been handled differently. I will send you a private message to get some additional details about your experience.