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Explorer C

I'm traveling to Vegas from NH I have asthma and need to bring my nebulizer with the liquid med. Plus my rescue inhaler . Do I need to do anything special? Is this going to be a problem ? 


Re: Asthma

Explorer C

No, I do it all the time.  I have a pair of Pari Trek S nebulizers.  I've flown from LAS to PHL non-stop February 2015.  No big deal.  They are battery, AC and 12VDC (air, auto or marine) powered.  You can get them for about $150 online.   I have a Samsonite rolling backpack that has my portable pharmacy for;


  • Allergic asthma
  • COPD (bronchiectasis, the same form of COPD that Cystic Fibrosis patients have only I do not have CF)
  • Nine levels of spine fusion which resulted in failed back surgery syndrome (i.e chronic pain)
  • Permanent weight lifting restriction of no more than 50 lbs.
  • Carpal tunnel right hand

The only adjustment I had to make is that all of my luggage has to be spinners or I'll wear myself out completely.  Pace yourself and don't make the mistake I made going to ATL and assume you can handle it.  I found out the hard way how HUGE ATL is.  Make sure that your nebulizers are fully charged.  My big pet peeve with Southwest is that they have no power jacks for passengers.  Any electronics you bring with you, charge fully.  I don't know if the flight crew has a way to power up medical equipment.  


Welcome to Vegas, I've lived here going on 25 years as of this September.  Be sure to partake in gambling to keep my sales tax rate down and help support the Las Vegas Raiders Stadium project via a hotel room tax.


 Good luck.