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Baby Items Allowed To The Gate

Explorer C

Flying first time with my 2 month old and had a few questions:

1) Is it acceptable to bring our own protective bags to put the carseat and stroller in when we gate check them (the bags are pretty big because they are padded) - if yes, do they count as a personal item/carry-on item?

2) Does bringing an electric breast pump in a bag count as a personal item/carry-on item?


I would like to be able to bring the stroller, carseat, stroller protector bag, carseat protector bag, pump bag, and diaper bag all the way to the gate...will I be allowed to do this?


Re: Baby Items Allowed To The Gate

Aviator A

At the gate, and do this in advance of boarding time, you'll bag the stroller and car seat in their protective bags - your own are fine to use - so these each count as one of your two extra baby items, not as four items.


If you can fit the pump into the diaper bag, then the diaper bag would be one of your carry-on items, and you get one more carry-on item.


So as described you would be fine as long as you have the diaper bag and pump bag, and everything else that you are carrying fits into those two bags. If you have anything else then you should try to combine something so you have two items.



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