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Baby's first flight

Explorer C

My grandson just flew to Boston and will fly back to chicago on Thursday next week. Do you still have 1st flight certificates and wings ? Hes 2 months old and we were hoping to document his first one


Re: Baby's first flight

Aviator A

I know for sure they still give out wings! I’m not sure about certificates, but tell the employees! When we checked in for our baby’s first flight, the check in agent printed a special copy of the boarding pass and wrote “baby’s first flight” on it. 


I know the SW folks would be happy to make it special!

-A List, Companion Pass holder

Re: Baby's first flight

Retired Community Manager

@gmorwalk We certainly do! Next time you're at the airport, you can request a "past-dated" certificate. Whether or not they have wings is just dependent on the station supply. Hope that helps!