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Bad baggage manager experience ever

New Arrival

After a great flight ,went to get my luggage , my bag was ok, then we got my wifes Samsonite bag ,found the TSA lock and both zipper Pull Taps or handles are gone and the zipper sliders rings are distroyed, 

So we were exactly at front of the Southwest baggage office ,I walked slowly (I  use a Walking Cain) to the baggage attendant, and show him the damaged bag, he apologized ,he was good customer service ,but he said I need to report to my manager, we said ok.

Manager came ,no greatings, no apologizing ,nothing ,

She very rudly, and I qoute, "what is the poblem" ,

My wife showed her the damaged part and the missing lock ,

Immediately she said this is TSA the one who broke your lock to check your bag, we said it's  a TSA certified luggage lock lije on my bag .

She said we are not responsible for this damaged bag cycle to you  should not put a lock on your bags ,and it probably got stuck on the luggage conveyor ,and she kept repeating we are not responsible for this, iwe we almost letting it go and just get another bag ,but what made this worst ,is when she said you still can use the bag just put a zip tight to close it ,I said put your self in my place would you accept it, she said very sarcasticly yeah no problem, I said I  do not think so ,I said this is baggage misgandling  and this is not unacceptable, again she said this is TSA problem and we are not talking responsible of this damaged bag,

I said ok how do you know the TSA broke the lock ,she said open the bag and it should be a note on top when you open the bag ,so I  had no kneel down an put my waling cain on the floor and my poor wife tried to help me and said honey you are not allowed to atrain your back, but I want to see how far this Southwest laggage manager willing to drag us,

I finally managed to open the bag with no zipper pullers ,andcshe saw how hard was it to open it ,

After open the bagel found no TSA notes.

I said ,so it was not TSA ,then it's baggage misgandling, 

Very very rudely she said I am sorry this is not our problem and we are not responsible, but I can offer you $25.00 for the bag ,then my wife said the TSS Lock by it self is $12.00,

So I start taking pictures and I wanted to report this unprofessional manager, people like this makes a good company look bad,

Then she heard me telling my wife I am going to report this indecent to the highest level possible. 

Then the manager said ok I can offer you $50.00 ,and that all I can do for you .and she turned her back and walked away.

So I went inside the office and talked to the nice gentlemen who helped me first and I  showed him that I'm a Primier and Business Southwest credit card holder.

He nicely apologized again and said let me see what I  can do ,

I said why this manager in a bad mood, he slightly smiled , and said I know and I'm sorry you have to go through this ,I  told she should be the manager ,he asked about the price and the age of the bag, and he said I can offer you a Southwest $100.00 voucher ,I said this half what I paid for the bag, but it's ok I'll accept it, and I told him I was going just let it go , I know accident happens, but not when you have a customer service manager like this, I  hope Southwest can check thier staff specially people like this woman. 




Re: Bad baggage manager experience ever

Top Contributor

Sorry to hear that this happened to you.


You should probably complain to the airline's customer relations department: