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Bad travel policy

Explorer C

I bought a ticket to travel for work in Jan 2020 for a trip scheduled in Feb.  I was not allowed to travel per my company due to Covid.  Southwest says I have one year to travel because I purchased on 1/30/20.  Not within the Covid extension.  I have called and talked to customer service people that said I must use it or lose or get a $100 deduct off the plane ticket.  That is a poor policy saying I must travel by 1/30/21 during these times when the pandemic is getting worse across the nation.  Also, they making someone travel even though their company will not allow it as I have explained to them.  I asked for an extension for 6 months and even emailed.  I have a case number (16752763) that I have never got a response back on going on 8 days.  I am travel very frequently for business with Southwest.  I guess they do not appreciate my business.  


Re: Bad travel policy

Aviator A

In March 2020 Southwest offered people the opportunity to extend travel credits out to 2022.  This extension opportunity was available for several months, sorry you were not aware of it and did not take advantage of it.  As you learned, you can convert travel funds to a LUV voucher after the funds expire.  You need to request this within 6 months of the travel fund expiring and the voucher is good for 6 months.  The value of the travel fund is reduced by $100 to do this conversion.



Re: Bad travel policy

Aviator A

You bought a NON REFUNDABLE ticket. You do know what NON REFUNDABLE means don't you? The rules about these types of tickets being cancelled are clearly stated: the resultant travel fund will expires one year from the original purchase date.


You agreed to those rules when you bought your ticket There is no (*) anywhere in the rule that says "* unless (state reason here)"


You get a cheap wanna get away fare by assuming the risk of the above. 


If you don't want to assume the risk, then next time buy a refundable ticket. Of course they cost more because then the airline assumes the risk of cancellation.


BTW, every airline in North America (probably the world) use the same rules (at least on this topic) that Southwest does.