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Bag did not make it

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I traveled with my daughter from St. Louis, MO to Ontario, CA.  Our original flight was supposed to go to Las Vegas and then on to CA.  It was canceled.  After multiple delays, I saw the the connecting flight in Vegas to CA was still "on time".  We got a different flight into Denver, CO then on to CA.  After a 6 hour wait for the new flight, we were on our way to CA.  When we got to CA my bag did not make it, only my daughter's.  I filed a report right away and was told my bag was still in Denver and would be placed on the next flight to Ontario.  Well, that was 2 days ago.  No bag and every time I call, I am placed on hold.  Last night it was almost 3 hours I held and finally gave up and went to bed.  Maybe they were closed??  Still on hold.  My medication was in that bag, my gifts to my brother for his birthday was on that plane.  I am wasting so much time on the phone!!j  No email updates, one phone call to tell me my bag was still in Denver - that was yesterday.  Incredible!!  very unhappy with all this.  😞


Re: Bag did not make it

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You are welcome to submit your feedback directly to Southwest.  Use the contact us link at the bottom of the page and send a message.

For future reference you should never put medication, valuables, or anything else you absolutely need in checked bags.