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Baggage Question

New Arrival

First time flying with Southwest in 3 weeks. I noticed it says 2 free checked bags per person. Do they allow a personal item too and will there be a cost for that personal item? I’ll be taking the 2 free checked bags, but also wanted to take my mini Loungefly backpack as a personal item. 


Re: Baggage Question

Top Contributor

You should be fine.


Southwest allows passengers 2 free checked bags (max 62inches h+l+w,  and max 50 pounds), AND a carry on bag that you'd  put in the overhead compartment,  AND a small personal item that would fit under the seat.

Re: Baggage Question

Rising Star
Here is the offical link:

Click on the "Carryon Baggage" section for all the detail. Enjoy your free bags, all of them!

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