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Baggage Size?

New Arrival

Hi everyone!


Flying with Southwest for the first time and I have a couple questions.


1. Do wheels count towards bag size? My carry on is 23" x 16" x 10" and has the option to add 2 additional inches, but this does not include the wheels. The regular size is one inch smaller than the allowed bag but I'm worried that TSA will include the wheels.


2. Is there a weight limit for your carryon? 


3. Is 62.5" too big for the 62" limit? How strict are they about limiting size? 


Thank you all in advance! 


Re: Baggage Size?

Retired Community Manager

Hi @kmlut,


Welcome to the Southwest Community! We're thrilled that you'll be taking your first flight with us soon! 


The wheels do count in our bag size dimensions. If it's really close, it will probably be fine for you to bring onboard. If it is too big, our Customer Service Agents will simply gate check it for you, no problem. 


There is no limit to your carryon bag weight. If you can carry it, and you can lift it, you can bring it!


Happy traveling!