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Beach Chair as a Checked Bag

Explorer C

Hello everyone. 

I wanted to ask to see if anyone has checked in a Beach chair as one of there checked baggages? 

The dimensions of the chair is under the 62" dimension limit. 


Thank you! 


Re: Beach Chair as a Checked Bag

Aviator C

I personally have not checked in a beach chair, however I have checked fishing poles and large Igloo ice chests with no issues. 


If I was you and wanted to play it safe, I would send a quick email or phone call. The information can be found on SWA website. 


I’m sure SWA will do what they can to make sure your beach chair makes it to it’s final destination.


Good luck! 

SWA Passenger, Community Champion

Re: Beach Chair as a Checked Bag

Aviator A

In addition to the dimensions you'll need to make sure it's not going to open up or get snagged or get hung up on anything. Is it something you could put in a box? I'd also be worried about it being damaged by other bags and objects (rip, tear, smash, etc). If you do check it, you'll be asked to sign a waiver saying that Southwest is not responsible for any damage.