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Best route to Hawaii

Explorer C

I'm flying to Hawaii in April 2018, it seems clear SW won't be selling service to HNL by then so what are other SW flyers doing?  


I'd rather fly SW to a connecting city and go from there.  What have you done?


Re: Best route to Hawaii

Aviator B

I would say California.  LAX has a lot of nonstop flights in April. 

Re: Best route to Hawaii

Explorer C

Which island?  We flew SWA to PHX and then PHX to LIH on American in December.  I think SWA to PDX and then PDX to LIH on Alaska was also a good option.  


LAX has the most flights, but we didn't want to bother with going through LAX if it could be avoided. 


Since we were changing airlines, we traveled only with 1 roller bag and 1 backpack each.  With space bags we had plenty of room for 9-days of clothes and brought back souvenirs.  


We booked the partner flights with SWA points through More Rewards and used available upgrades with the other airlines.  It took a little work to coordinate the times of the flights and avoid long layovers, but totally doable.