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Re: Bicycle bag policy - Dimension limitations

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I'm following up on this conversation.  Has anyone within the last two to four weeks tried to check in a bicycle packed in a normal bicycle box (which are ALL over 80 inches in total dimensions by a significant amount) and was able to get the bicycle on to the plane?  The wording of the written policy for oversize bicycle boxes could be clearer but the overall message can be interpreted so that "real" bicycles are actually not allowed on a plane.  The written policy, however, is composed in a manner that can be read in a number of ways due to the use of "and" and "or", as others have already mentioned.  The last sentence, with the use of "and", implies that it is only bicycles weighing over 100 pounds "and" packed in a box with total dimensions over 80 inches cannot be checked in.  The earlier sentences imply more stricter rules.




Greg R.

Re: Bicycle bag policy - Dimension limitations

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Yes they will strictly enforce it and tell you that after 24hours they're going to throw it in the trash. They have no obligation to protecting your property despite taking your money like fat opposums


That's what they did to my $1200 cannondale. They said I could fly with any bike as long as its in a box (over the phone) at the counter they said I couldn't fly with it. Then double-back and said I could. Then decided they liked the first answer more. GREAT. 


Left my bike st the counter and told my ride to the airport to turn around and pick it up. During that time SW employees made a point to call me and say they would literally throw it in the dumpster. Then proceeded to say my name over the intercoms as if I could possibly do anything with this bike THEY said I could fly with.