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Bringing Powdered Formula on a Plane

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Are you able to bring a can of powdered formula and bottled water in your carry-on, and make bottles for an infant on the plane?


Re: Bringing Powdered Formula on a Plane

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Hi @wytetigerlily!


Yes, you can bring powdered formula on the plane. I never have brought a whole can, but usually slightly more than I think I'll need. I don't bring bottled water because you have to get it screened further at TSA (see here: But that is allowed.


I have purchased water in the airport to mix with, or when on the plane I have also asked for a cup of hot/warm water to mix up the bottle with. 


For ease of travel I also recommend the little travel packets of formula that are premeasured. Really easy to throw 5-6 of those in my diaper bag and know I have plenty of formula on hand that's ready to just pour into the bottle.


Good luck! And don't forget to use Family Boarding if you're not in the A Group boarding. 🙂