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Bug When Booking One Way from an email link

New Arrival

Using Firefox.  This bug does not occur on the main Southwest page, but it's occurred in the last few "sale" emails I've gotten.


Email contains a link to


  1. Click on the link in the email
  2. On the landing page, Note that the Depart and Return Date are both set to 11/0
  3. Click the One Way radio button
  4. Put in any two valid cities for the itinerary
  5. Use the Depart Date widget to select a future date
  6. Click Search
  7. A list of flights for the Depart Date is listed
  8. In the row of dates at the top of the list of flights, select the date two days later than original
  9. A popup message appears that says Invalid Flight Dates - you selected a Depart Date that falls after your Return Date (even though you're trying to book a One Way)
  10. When the error popup is cleared, the date changes to the new date you selected




Re: Bug When Booking One Way from an email link

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Same bug in Safari on iPad Pro. 



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Re: Bug When Booking One Way from an email link

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Actually, when I click on your link the dates shown are 11/5 and 11/9. When I click the one way button, the 11/9 date is not zeroed out it is shaded gray, but is still there.


When I change the 11/5 date to 11/7, I find 11/7 flights available -- same if on that page, I pick 11/9, but on the 11/9 page I then select 11/10 I get the error message you refer to. Why?

The 11/9 returm date is still in the system - shaded dark gray, but it's still there. , and you can;t book an outbound that is later than the return.


Solution: start on the book a flight page: