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Business Select & Companion Pass

Explorer C

I booked business select seats for myself and wife(companion pass holder). Does she board in the “A” group with me?

I hope I’m wrong but it seems that’s not the case. If she doesn’t board with me then what’s the strategy to assure we are seated together.

Also, if she doesn’t board with me given I purchased business select tickets Southwest needs to hear what a crappy policy is in place.



Re: Business Select & Companion Pass

Aviator A

If you purchase Business Select your companion does not get sequential boarding.  Sequential boarding applies to Anytime and WGA.  If you want them to board as close as possible to you you would need to purchase the upgraded boarding option at the gate.  Other options for better boarding are purchasing EarlyBird or lastly, have the companion check-in right at 24 hours prior.


You're welcome to submit your feedback to Southwest, use the contact us link at the bottom of the page and send a message.



Re: Business Select & Companion Pass

Aviator A

Southwest only sells spots a1-a15. It does not give them away. It's computer does not allow it.


Thus if you are in A2, SW has no way to give your companion A3.

Also, fractional boarding spots are not possible. So if you are A2, there's no way to give your companion a2.1



Solution: book Anytime or Wanna Get Away instead.