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Business Selection Cheating word

Explorer C

I just finished traveling round trip from LA to Kauai.

When I coming back, Southwest kiosk asked me do you want upgrade to Business Selection?

My wife was sick and I did not hastate to take their offer. $215.50/person looks good deal to me that time. I paid $431.00 to upgraded and I was expecting 2 X 2 Business class seat.

They change to my boarding order  to A2 and A3 (Mine was B something).

That was all. Just boarding earlier for paying $431.00.

I felt like I am dumbest person in the world. Everybody has same seat and bording little early for $431.00. Why they use a word "BUSINESS SELECTION UPGRDE"?

Southwest don't have Business Class. I can not remember all the details of each airline.

But I am sure this intentional cheating targeting people like me.

Is anyone has same experience? Please post your experience. Anyone advise me about class action  sue about this. Please post it.




Re: Business Selection Cheating word

Aviator C

I see you didn't remember the open seating and no bigger seats on your outbound flight.


To make it worse, you didn't even get a free drink.


Sorry for your loss.  But don't bother with a class action... It won't happen.

Re: Business Selection Cheating word

Aviator A

It's called Business Select. If you don't understand what you are buying perhaps you should ask before buying or don't buy it. It's hardly a scam and the idea of suing is laughable. 





Re: Business Selection Cheating word

Frequent Flyer B

Many Hawaii flights have 2 x 2 seating maybe he thought it was overseas rule.

Re: Business Selection Cheating word

Aviator A

@CupCrusher40 wrote:

Many Hawaii flights have 2 x 2 seating maybe he thought it was overseas rule.

None of Southwest's do.

Re: Business Selection Cheating word

Frequent Flyer A

@ericpaul What were you expecting to receive?

Re: Business Selection Cheating word

Frequent Flyer A

I am sorry to hear you did not understand what "Business Select" means. This sounds like it was a very expensive mistake.

I don't want to sound too blunt but ignorance of printed fare rules is not a case for a law suit. 

Safe travels in the future. 

Re: Business Selection Cheating word

Aviator A

A class action suit?! On Southwest Airlines when you should know that they have no first class and they have 3 tiers of ticket fares/boarding: Wanna Get Away, Anytime, and Business Select (the most expensive fare)?? 🤔



Re: Business Selection Cheating word

Frequent Flyer C

Sorry that you felt 'cheated'!


The travel industry is becoming more and more confusing these days. While there may not have been a need to read the fine print before, it's especially important today. If it helps, I think Southwest is the best when it comes to not having their customers feel 'cheated' - out of many carriers from the US, Southwest is the most straightforward through their Transfarency policy and while the name 'Business Select' could be confusing, I'm sure when you were prompted to upgrade, the kiosk listed what you would be getting in return (ie upgraded boarding, drink coupon, 12 points/dollar, etc), not stating anything about seating.


Southwest's customer service is kind of swamped right now so I do not know if you would get a response, but I would recommend emailing them or tweeting them about your experience. While they may not be able to offer compensation, it's always good to reach out (like what you are doing on this forum) and let the company/other travelers know so that they can be informed.