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Buy Early Bird or no

Explorer C

Traveling with my mom in a month. She has a hard time walking, as in has to take multiple breaks walking across the airport, and has no peripheral vision in her left eye. So we requested wheelchair assistance to the gate for her. 

My question is does this qualify her for pre boarding? When I travel by myself I always buy early bird. But if I’m her “travel companion” and she qualifies for pre-boarding should I still buy EB?


Re: Buy Early Bird or no

Aviator A

Does this technically meet the requirements for preboarding? Probably not. Would most people think anything about it if she did preboard? No.

I say skip the EarlyBird and preboard, you are allowed to go with her as her companion. 



Re: Buy Early Bird or no

Adventurer B

I believe that if you are in a wheelchair, you will be preboarded with one companion.