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COVID 14-day quarantine for Hawaii travel

New Arrival

I just noticed that the Governor of Hawaii is lifting the 14-day quarantine for travel from the mainland to Hawaii, starting on Aug. 1.  However, passengers need to take a valid COVID test with a negative result within 72 hours of their reservation.  My question is this: does the actual test need to be taken within 72 hours of travel OR can a passenger take the test at any time and provide the negative test results within 72 hours?  I realize the details are still being worked out and maybe it will be more clear in the near future.  It is critical for us to know since we have a reservation on Aug. 1st!  Anyone  who can clarify this for me?


Re: COVID 14-day quarantine for Hawaii travel

Top Contributor

Apparently the state of Hawaii has not yet answered your question. Since you have over amonth to get an anwer, you should just keep checking the news.