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COVID 19 testing

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To whom it may concern-


As the number of positive COVID-19 cases is on the rise, I am asking SWA what their strategy would be in terms of testing their employees, namely those on the front lines. While standard testing offers long turnaround times for results and a high degree of false negative results there is another option. Since the problem is not who has symptoms but who may be asymptomatic (showing no symptoms while actively shedding the virus) actively testing your employees is an option to keep the spread of the virus contained.  MicroGenDx,  a Lubbock based DNA Sequencing lab offers a COVID 19 test from sputum/saliva(greater sensitivity and no risk of shortage compared to swabs)that results within 24 hours. This allows you to ensure your employees who are working and interacting with the public and peers wont be spreading the virus.  Please forward this to the correct department if getting ahead of the virus is something Southwest Airlines would like to do. I know taking care of your employees is very big at Southwest Airlines.  


Re: COVID 19 testing

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Perhaps you are unaware that his is a public form, and not a direct line to the airline.


If you want the airline to hear your suggestion, you need to contact the airline.