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Can I fly with a learners permit?

Explorer C

I am over 18, but do not have a drivers license. I do have a learners permit though and wanted to know if that counted as an acceptable form of id for southwest. It’s too late to get a state id as my flight is before the card would arrive so any suggestions on what to do would be great. 


Re: Can I fly with a learners permit?

Aviator A

Here is a list of identification TSA will accept to get through security.


There is also an option for people that do not have any identification, just allow yourself extra time to get through security. Southwest asks for ID when checking a bag, if you do not have a TSA approved ID bring anything you can that has your name, and ideally, also has a photo on it. If you are not checking a bag Southwest does not need to see any identification.



Re: Can I fly with a learners permit?

Aviator A

If it  contains your pic, it surely would qualify. If not, see themiddleseat's post (above).



Re: Can I fly with a learners permit?

Aviator C

When I read the title my jaw dropped!  But now that I read it I understand what you're asking about.  You're asking will a learner's permit act as a form of ID to fly, not "Can you fly?"  You have been given the information you need.  I'm just wondering why over the age of 16 you have never gotten a photo ID card as this world we live in nowadays pretty much requires it in some form.  I know I'm answering this late, but I hope you got on your flight somehow.  I've never gone to the link to see what ID's work, but I'm also thinking you would have a school ID?