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Re: Can't use Travel funds by Expiration due to Covid

Explorer A

I totally agree with you. These same 2 guys keep saying over and over and over that "WE" weren't listening to what was being said about the Sept 7 expiration date, but HELLO, how many people already had plans booked after that date, that you just expected them to cancel, so they can rebook a bogus flight, just so they can cancel by that elusive Sept 7 date??? Come on.... why would I cancel a flight I had booked for November that I thought I would be taking???? I'm so tired of these 2 guys making us sound like idiots because we didn't beat the system like thousands (or maybe millions) of people did. I swear you guys work for SW cause you don't have a shred of sympathy for the thousands (or millions) of people who lost money due to being unable to travel.

Re: Can't use Travel funds by Expiration due to Covid

Explorer C

I have vouchers from getting bumped that were expiring in Sept. 2020. I had hoped to use them over the summer, but COVID had other plans. Southwest gave us a 6 month extension to use them by March 8, 2021. We were naive enough to think that would be plenty of time  to get past the pandemic. But obviously it wasn't.


So we asked for another extension and got a message back via Twitter direct message stating that we would get an additional six months to July.  We were so happy and thankful! But days later, Southwest thought better of it and wrote us that they would not be giving us any  extension and our vouchers would expire in March!


I'm angry at their unfeeling policy, and I'm very angry that they don't even want to uphold what their employee stated in writing to us. I never expected this from a company like Southwest, which I always thought had great customer service.


How can they think that having strict policies during Covid that affect their current customers is a good customer relations idea? Does anybody have any ideas for what we can do? I wonder if we booked tickets and then a day later changed the dates on them if we could do that? I hate to lose it because they are  worth a lot of money. I'm glad I found this discussion, but sad so many others are affected by Southwest's policy.