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Can the $100 fee to extend Travel Funds be waived for medial issues that prevent travel ??

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In 2018 we had to cancel a trip becasue my wife was diagnosed with cancer, and her several surgeries and ongoing treatment would not allow us to travel before the Travel Funds credited to us would be expired.  We called Southwest to see if an extension was possible and were given a phone number for a representative who told us the Travel Funds could be extended or changed to a voucher AND that in the case of such medical issues the $100 per ticket fee could, and almost certainly would, be waived.  But the very kind woman representaive said she could not do it yet and we would need to call back after the Travel Funds actually expired.


Today I again call Southwest and after explaining the situation was told in a very curt manner that there was no possability that the $100 fee would be waived for any reason.  A totally different answer than my phone call several months earlier.  


Was I given false information by the first Southwest rep ?? ... or have Southwest's polices about waiving this fee changed in the past few month?.   If memory serves when I initially called Southwest's 1-800 number I was given a specific different phone number to call to request consideration for such medical related cancellations ... but the second time I called the very curt rep said she was the final word.  


Any help or advice would be much appreciated.




Re: Can the $100 fee to extend Travel Funds be waived for medial issues that prevent travel ??

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As is the case with many companies who have informal policies regarding waiving of fees your experience is probably going to vary depending on who you talk to.  You may find that calling the same number again and making the same request could get you a different response.  I would suggest contacting the Customer Relations department as that would probably give you a higher likelihood of getting an answer you'll like.  That number is 1-855-234-4654.  If they so no then sadly you're probably out of luck, but it wouldn't hurt to try a few times as long as you are polite and clear about what you are looking for.