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Canceling a flight within 24hrs

New Arrival

I booked tickets yesterday late morning..11:30ish my son had an accident..I have been trying to contact someone to cancel our flight for the last two hours and I have been put on hold or disconnected and the one very rude man I finally spoke to at 3:40 said I was not within my 24hrs because I was 4hrs too late and hung up on me!! Hello we have been trying..we have been in a hospital and area with terrible reception then when we do get a human after being on hold 8-15min each time we are disconnected!! I will never fly Southwest again, nor will my family & my oldest son travels frequently for work and  he is discussing with his boss about airline of choice for the company now..I am a business owner as well and will make it a point to let my clients know how we were treated over this! Unbelievable!


Re: Canceling a flight within 24hrs

Rising Star

I’m sorry to hear about your son, and I understand your frustration. 


Given the unique nature of this situation, I would consider reaching out to the SW Twitter team, explaining the situation in detail. You might also reach out to customer relations at 



Note for the future that you can easily cancel or change reservations online as well. It would save the trouble of a call and any associated hold time. 


Good luck!

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Re: Canceling a flight within 24hrs

New Arrival

Thanks for the info when there’s an emergency it’s hard to think of every detail but I  actually did try to cancel online and it kept telling me an error had occurred and the third time it stated rather than a refund it  is giving credit for future travel which I do not want. I paid thru PayPal and have since reached out to them also.