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Cancellation vs reschedule

Explorer C

I can't find any concrete answers about this so I'm hoping someone can help. If SW cancels a flight, it's eligible for a refund versus travel funds as I understand it. But what is a cancellation, exactly?


Does that mean that all flights between a destination are canceled or does it mean they can move me willy nilly to whatever other flights they still have available between those destinations? Or, do they have a limited amount of wiggle room to put me on another flight? I'm seeing some airlines have a policy that if they change your flight more than X amount of time, you can get a refund but I see no definition of the difference for SWA.

Thank you!



Re: Cancellation vs reschedule

Aviator A

If the flight number you're booked on changes (because they've moved you to a new flight) that counts. If your flight is rescheduled for a significantly later time (2+ hours, generally), that counts. Essentially, anytime that the carrier is responsible for you not taking the flight you purchased.