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Cancellations after Checkin

New Arrival

Noticed When A Passenger Check-In status and then one of the flights to his destination CNXL due to IROPS the passenger has no option to Un-Check from his flight.  


He wanted to change his itinerary to get home and where he was going through the connection had CNXL but when calling the WN rep (holding for 30 minutes) the agent stated that they would have to charge the new fares or he would need to wait to he got to the city where his flight CNXL to get reaccommodated.  Really not thinking ahead of the curve, PAX is ensured he won't get home using that method.  No matter, no other options.  So, I booked pax on another carrier who would get him home.  


So once the pax was going to get home I called back and held for 45 minutes requesting a refund for the IROPS that cancelled but since he had checked in there was no way to uncheck except for the agent waiting on hold on their own queue waiting for an "special agent" being able to "uncheck" the passenger.  The agent I was working with was waiting for 15 minutes with me before she said that she could send them an email but i would need to call back to get this resolved.  I did it that way, but why such a challenge for the agent to just uncheck the PAX.  I understand if bags had been dropped but that isn't the case.  


Also I understand that IROPS causes havoc with the agents, but after calling twice spending almost 2 hours on one simple issue and still not having a final resolution.  Southwest is moving down the list in the eyes of their customers as being the company they want to work with and that is unfortunate.


Re: Cancellations after Checkin

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In my experience, if passenger asks either a gate agent or a representative at the check-in counter before taking the first flight, they would reroute the passenger if that's an option. Some originating cities might not have another route available. 


Curious if others here can share their experiences.