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Re: Cancellations & Early Bird Check-In Fees

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@Famdangocruiser if Southwest cancelled your flight then you are entitled to a refund if you request it.  You need to get in touch with their Twitter or Facebook teams, or call Customer Relations (it's a different phone number than the normal customer service number).


See this thread for an example of a successful refund:


There is a different thread where a customer had to contact Southwest multiple times (I can't find that thread now) but was eventually refunded.


Please post when it's resolved for you or if you have any problems.

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Re: Cancellations & Early Bird Check-In Fees


While EarlyBird is nonrefundable, we're recommending our Customers impacted by EarlyBird Check-In please contact Customer Relations for consideration by phone at 1-855-234-4654, or any of the options in the link below. Thank you!


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