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Cancelled Flight and No Communication

New Arrival

What do you do when Southwest waits until the very minute that it’s time to board to tell you that your flight has been cancelled and they don’t respond to your emails, messages, or tweets after making/filing a complaint?


Re: Cancelled Flight and No Communication

Top Contributor

Cancellations happen.  When they do, you go to the gate desk and nicely ask to be rescheduled.

If you want to file some "complaint" you can use the contact us link at the bottom of the page and send a message.  Responses take time.



Re: Cancelled Flight and No Communication

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What airport did this happen at?

Me personally, I've had this happen, but cancellations at the gate are pretty structured. they announce the cancellation on the overhead and tell everyone to go to the desk.

Once a cancellation occurs it also pops up in the SWA app and offers rebooking options, typically I rebook on the best option presented to secure an "option," then I call/research to see if I can book a more preferred alternative time wise or direct fly wise.


Re: Cancelled Flight and No Communication

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You are at the airport. Why aren't you talking to Southwest there, at the gate / service desk?