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Cancelled Flight and Refunds

Explorer C

I had a flight booked in 2020 that was cancelled by Southwest due to COVID. At the time I asked for a refund as I didn't have any future trips planned and Southwest refused and gave me credit. My $600 has been held hostage by Southwest for 1 year as credit and when I finally tried to book a flight with the money I was told it could only be used for a flight under the two original ticket holders names. The flight I had intended to purchase was the two original ticket holders as well as my parents. When I asked why I could not use my own travel credits the way that I wanted, I was told it was due to the current policy. Besides the fact that I was not the one to cancel the original flights, and that when I asked for a refund it was refused, I cannot understand why Southwest is so unwilling to let me use my own money the way that I would like to. Whether the credits get used by four people or two people, no money is lost by Southwest. It took three phone calls (the last of which ended with me being hung up on) all to just be told to send an email because no one can be bothered to talk to me. I have wasted a ridiculous amount of time on this.  It is absurd customer service to cancel a flight on a customer and then refuse to let them use the credits the way they'd like.l I would understand it if I was the one who initially cancelled the flight but I was not the one to cancel, my only mistake in all of this was to book through Southwest. And while I understand COVID is causing major changes in how companies operate, as a healthcare worker I truly don't believe it is an excuse for poor customer service. I cannot get away with that in my field and I expect the same from other companies in return.


Is it standard practice for airlines to cancel a service you paid for, hold your money hostage, and refuse to respond to complaints of this in a timely manner?


Re: Cancelled Flight and Refunds

Aviator A

Despite what you were told, if Southwest truly was the one that cancelled your flight you can request a refund back to the original form of payment.  Contact Customer Relations, they are more likely to be able to assist you.

Contact Customer Relations