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Cancelled Flight?

Explorer C

Scheduled for a flight this afternoon when I received 14 text messages with different times for a delayed flight from SNA to SJC today.  At 7:00pm the last message says I was rebooked to another flight for the next morning!  Had SWA let us know earlier we could have rebooked the flight to another on the same day!  Now I've lost a client meeting and the extra money I paid for the hotel, car rental and early boarding....  


SWA use to be my favorite airline and I've been a loyal customer for over 10 years.  This was the last straw.  Same on you SWA....


Re: Cancelled Flight?

Aviator A

Sorry to hear of your trouble.


Just for future reference, once SW delays your flight for over an hour, the airline will let you change to a different flight - at no cost.


You might have been able to catch a different flight. That's no help to you now, but maybe in the future ...

Re: Cancelled Flight?

Aviator C

I guess we are witnessing the Springtime version of the Holiday DISASTER.

Re: Cancelled Flight?

Aviator A

@floridaguy one flight cancelation and you claim the sky is falling? Seriously, go away, you provide no benefit to the Community. 



Re: Cancelled Flight?

Aviator A

So one flight delay/cancellation and that’s your last straw after 10 years?? Good luck with the other guys they delay and cancel flights as well but you will most likely have to layover somewhere to get from SNA to SJC enjoy the long travel days ahead