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Cancelled Flights

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I hope Southwest decides to compensate all of their disgruntled and stranded customers who have had to dole out so much money to cover unexpected expenses as a result of them grounding flights and leaving customers stranded.


This experience cost me alot of money I don't have and all Southwest tells me is "Here's $50 toward your next flight with us." Do you really think that compensates for your monumental lack of Customer Service?


I look forward to joining the team of disgruntled customers filing a lawsuit against Southwest. I was left stranded 1000 miles from home and it cost me $642 of which I don't have. Instead of paying my mortgage this month, I've had to pay to get back home.


Great Job Southwest. Thank You for your loyalty.



Re: Cancelled Flights

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Hey there,


If your flight was cancelled due to a plane grounding, Southwest has been very on top of rebooking you at no extra expense. 


Have you spoken to customer service (phone/twitter) about this?

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Re: Cancelled Flights

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Are you kidding Zevsupport?


I'm on the phone w/them for this very problem! They moved our flights 4 hours earlier from our original departure, removed us from a direct flight, and threw in a 3 hour layover in BWI.  If i want out of that "new itinerary" they want me to pay! Its unreal.

Re: Cancelled Flights

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I *think* the issue folks are running in to is that Southwest is able to get them on a new flight, it just may not be for the same day. If it's not on the same day then the customer either needs to pay for hotel/food/car that they weren't expecting or they elect to buy a last minute ticket on another airline to get them home earlier than they would with Southwest. So from the Southwest perspective they are getting folks home and not collecting any money. From the customer perspective they are getting home but it's costing them more money. I *think* this difference in perspective is the issue.

Someone please chime in if I have this wrong.

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Re: Cancelled Flights

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I have no issue with them having to adjust the schedule, i get it. But telling me they can't move me to that flight because I have a "want to get away fare" and I need to pay a fare difference is ludicrous. If they cancelled the flight and they move you to something way out of whack from your original schedule, you should be able to call them up and have them move you w/out penalty.


If i initiate the change, then yes charge me. But SWA initiated the change and moved my flight time more than 4 hours from its original schedule. And offered 0 compenstation, telling me


"your flight was proactively cancelled as we make adjustments to our operations to accommodate the grounding of the MAX 8 Aircraft. Because we are acting in compliance with FAA regulations, these cancellations are outside of our control, and thus we would not issue a goodwill gesture."


Essentially.. F'off...

Re: Cancelled Flights

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Unfortunately, my understanding is that Southwest isn't breaking with policy in this situation, so they continue to not reimburse for alternate travel or lodging costs. Their position is that the grounding was out of their control, similar to a weather incident. I do have to wonder if they themselves will be seeking compensation from Boeing at some point. Reports are that some affected customers are being given vouchers towards future travel as a goodwill gesture ($100 to $200, depending on circumstances). If you are initially denied (as many are reporting) it may be worth following up with a written letter. It remains unclear how the decision to offer a voucher is being decided.


It appears that the MAX aircraft will be grounded for quite some time. Southwest is now trying to rebook passengers thru June 1, so hopefully that will reduce the damage done by last-minute cancellations.